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Humanely Raised, Certified Organic, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork and Eggs

Best Tasting, Cleanest, Healthiest Organic Food

     Sunworks farm mission statement is to grow and make the best tasting, cleanest, healthiest organic food for the most people possible at the fairest price, fair to the consumer and fair to us the farmers.  Our family has had numerous health issues and challenges over the years and still has multiple allergies, some which are gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, antibiotics and the chemicals that are used as preservatives in food, so we make food that our family can survive on. We grow our own meat with no antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO feed (all tested by third party auditors) and then process it in our own butcher shop in Camrose so we control how the meat is handled and what ingredients are used. We use only organic spices from an organic spice supplier that is GF (gluten free) to make all our sausages and processed products. Our processed products contain only organic meat and organic spices with no potato flour, oatmeal and bread crumbs or other fillers. We use only organic spices so that our products have zero preservatives in them. Conventional spices have many different preservatives in them to keep a long shelf life. Flavour enhancers are used in conventionally processed meat products because spices are expensive so they get more flavour from less spice. This is the reason that in a lot of conventional processed products the taste doesn’t last very long but with us using real organic spices our flavour lasts and has many flavour profiles.   We don’t use pork intestines (pork casings) for casings on our sausages, we use a collagen casing. We don’t use celery salt or celery extract to mimic nitrates or nitrites. Our family has allergic reactions to celery salt or celery extract because it is again a highly processed product that is a nitrate in another name. Everything that we make is nitrate, nitrite and msg free. We see in some of our competitors’ products that they may be nitrite free but they don’t say nitrate free.   In all of our smoked products we do not use liquid smoke to give our products a heavy smoke flavour. You can actually taste the delicate smoke flavour from the smoke house, along with the spices. We make great clean food not cheap food because we believe if you eat cheap food you will become a cheap human, you are what you eat.

               We know that there are many people that need this clean food so we now have our organic food in all of the organic food/natural food stores in Alberta and at the Calgary Farmers Market, The Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton and all of our summer markets. Watch the website to see what summer farmers markets we will be attending. We have just started working with The Organic Box in Edmonton so you can get our organic food delivered to your door. You can get our products in Red Deer through Pure Earth Organics. It is very important to us that our pure healthy organic food is available to as many people as possible.

                We buy many products that are “Fair Trade” and we believe that we need a fair price for our organic food. We price everything from a cost of production and add a small profit so we will be here next year and the year after to continue to supply your family and the next generation.  This is what we talk about, fair to you as our customers and eaters and fair to us as the farmers.

                We serve you world class organic food from Camrose Alberta. Food raised ethically and with a passion for the best organic food in the world. If you haven’t tried any of our organic food please find one of our locations and taste it so you can agree with us that this is the BEST FOOD in the WORLD.

                Thanks Ron     


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