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Local and Organic Two Food Movements That are Better Together.


Local and Organic Two Food Movements That are Better Together.

Buying local is very important. It keeps money flowing within a local economy, creates local jobs and reduces the carbon imprint of the food that you consume. But the word local only applies to where the food was produced, not how it was produced or how clean it is. Certified Organic, Certified Humane, Grass Fed, Free Range are all indicators of how the food was produced. Local does not necessarily equal clean food and clean food does not always equal local food. However, when you are able to combine both local and organic you have created a powerful food movement that can have a great positive impact on all aspects of the world- environmentally, socially, and economically.

This is a great article produced by the Canadian Organic Growers. Containing lots of great information. It explains what local and organic food is and then helps you build your own local organic food strategy.

Please click on the following link to view the article

20th Anniversary of our First Flock of Chickens

Original Shelter 1996This June marks the 20th anniversary of our first flock of 80 chickens. It’s amazing how some things have changed and how some things have stayed the same since we started raising chickens 20 years ago.  We still raise our birds in moveable shelters in the spring, summer and fall so that the birds can get their greens and eat the bugs and grubs that are in the earth and amongst the grass. They are allowed to express their natural behaviors of scratching in the dirt. The shelters have changed quite a bit since then, moving from heavy short wooden shelters with tin roofs – to low metal shelters and tarp roofs – to our current tall metal frame and wood shelters with attached ranges for the chickens to live in.Erin and Shae Moving the Old Shelters This final shelter design is an improvement for the animals as they have more air circulation. It is also more human friendly as we can walk amongst the birds which allows us to better monitor their health. We still move them by hand but instead of using dollies and man power we now use tractor power to slowly pull the shelters onto the fresh grass every day. Just like 20 years ago they are fed by hand using the same feed wagon that we had when we first started. Every step is taken to make sure that the birds are cared for respectfully and that they are happy and healthy.

Chicken SheltersWe may grow more chickens then we did those first few years and the style of shelter may have changed but our values have not. We still believe that we are stewards of the land and that we should leave it in a better state than when we got it. We do our best to work with Mother Nature and not against it. We believe that our children and now grandchildren have the right to be raised in a healthy environment. We believe that animals should be treated kindly, humanely, and ethically, and have access to fresh air, clean water and sunshine. We believe that a healthy environment and low stress, grows healthy animals, which reduces disease and the need for medications

IMG_0250We started raising chickens so that we could feed our family, healthy, happy and environmentally friendly food. We are happy and proud to be able to feed your family with the same quality meat that we started growing 20 years ago.

Thank you for supporting us!

Ron and Sheila Hamilton

Website Beef Specials Now 30% Off

Its BBQ Season! To celebrate this time of year all our website beef specials are now 30%off. These include New York/Striploin Steaks and Loin Roasts, Tenderloin Steaks and Roasts, Rib Eye Steaks and Prime Rib Roasts. All our website specials are listed on the right hand side of our webpage.

We have a limited number of boxes available so order early for the best selection.

To order please call the farm office at 1-877-393-3133. Monday-Thursday 9am-2:30pm

Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market Opens May 18th

We are very excited to be back at the South West Edmonton Farmers Market for the Spring, Summer and Fall. Located in the Terwillegar Recreation Centre parking lot this is a convenient and wonderful farmers market that lets you take advantage of those beautiful warm evenings. The market is open Wednesdays from 4:00-7:30pm starting May 18th.

For more information visit their facebook page Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market or their website at

Thank You!

We would like to thank the firefighters and neighbors that came to put out a fire that occurred on our farm on Sunday evening. The fire was in our trees just north of the barns and house. The dry conditions and strong winds on Sunday made this a dangerous fire. Because of their quick response and hard work no buildings were damaged and no one was hurt. They had been to several previous calls earlier that day and stayed at our place until 3am making sure that all the hot spots were out. They are volunteers that put their life on hold when they get the call that someone in their community needs their help. We are extremely grateful for their work and the sacrifices they and their families make. THANK YOU!


The first photo shows the firefighters resting against one of our barns after the fire has been put out. The photo came from the Village of Hay Lakes – Authorized Page






The second photo was taken Monday morning and shows some of the fire damage