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Buying Direct From The Farm

We are often asked by customers if they can come out to the farm and buy from us directly. Instead of having a farm store here on the farm, we bring our meats directly from the farm to our locations in Edmonton and Calgary that we stock, manage and staff with our own employees. The prices for all our products are the same at all of our own locations. We bring the farm to you!

Our winter/year round locations are:

Our stall at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton has all of our products. Ron, Sheila or Isaac are at this market every weekend so this is the best place to come and meet us, your farmers. Located at 103 St. & 83 Ave and open Saturdays 8am to 3pm, year round.

Our Sunworks Organic Meat Shop on Whyte Ave in Edmonton is located within the Blush Lane Organic Store. Although located within the Blush Lane store our meat counter is owned and operated by us and staffed by our own staff. Located at 8135 – 102 Street, Edmonton it is open seven days per week and carries all our products. Open Sunday to Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday 8am to 9pm.

Our stall at the Market on Macleod is our Calgary location and the Calgary pickup for any pre-orders or website specials. This location has all of our products and has the best selection of our products in Calgary. Located at 7711 Macleod Trail South and open Thursday to Sunday 9am to 5pm

Our Camrose location is located within Vinesations in beautiful downtown Camrose. This location has a selection of our fresh products and all of our sausages. Located at 4937 50 Street and open Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.

We look forward to seeing you all at our markets in the new year!


Christmas Hours For All Of Our Locations.


Merry Christmas! The following are our Christmas hours for all of our locations.

Our Meat Shop on Whyte Ave in Edmonton (located in the Blush Lane Store):

Dec 24- Open 8am-6pm – TURKEY PICKUP DAY
Dec 25 – Closed
Dec 26- Open 9am-6pm
Dec 27 to Dec 30- Open Regular Hours of 9am to 9pm
Dec 31 – Open 8am-6pm
Jan 1- Closed
Jan 2 – Resumes Regular Hours of 9am to 9pm

The Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton:

Dec 24 – Open 8am-1pm – TURKEY PICKUP DAY
Dec 31 – Closed
Jan 7 – Resumes Regular Hours of Saturdays 8am-3pm

Market on Macleod in Calgary:

Dec 22 – Open Regular Hours 9am-5pm
Dec 23 – Open Regular Hours 9am-5pm – TURKEY PICKUP DAY
Dec 24 to Dec 28 – Closed
Dec 29 and Dec 30 – Open Regular Hours 9am-5pm
Dec 31 and Jan 1 – Closed
Jan 5 – Resumes Regular Hours of Thursday to Sunday 9am-5pm

Camrose Turkey Pickup:

Dec 22nd – Pickup at the Hotel Marada Parking Lot and Delivery will be from 6pm-8pm.

Vinesations Camrose:

Dec 24 – 10am-2pm
Dec 25 to Jan 1 – Closed
Jan 2- Resumes Regular Hours of Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am- 5pm

Farm Office:

Dec 24 to Jan 1 – Closed– We will be checking messages during this time.

The photo of the sunset on the farm with our poultry processing plant in the back ground was taken by our farm hand Gil


Turkey Cooking Instructions.

Don’t forget to save or print these instructions so that you have them ready for your Christmas celebration.

Our Turkeys are Orlopp Bronze turkeys. This is a Heritage Breed turkey that was developed by the Orlopp family back in 1935. Orlopp Bronze turkeys have a beautiful natural black feathering and thrive when raised outside. The meat is a very light caramel color and boasts a very rich, complex flavor.

You may notice on the skin of your turkey little spots that look like tiny ink spots. These are the pin feather holes and when some of the black pin feathers are removed a little bit of the black coloring can remain these are natural and are safe to eat. It is also much harder to remove the feathers of a heritage bird so you may notice that there are some down feathers on the bird. The bird can be cooked with these on or they can be scraped off with a knife if you prefer.

Store your bird in your fridge at a temperature below 4 C until you are ready to prepare and cook it.


Our birds will cook faster than a conventional bird.

Based on our family’s turkey cooking experience an unstuffed 15lb turkey cooks in 3 hours at 375F, a 20 lb unstuffed turkey cooks in 4 hours at 375F. When it is done remove from the oven cover it loosely with foil and let it rest for 15-20 min so that the natural juices are locked in.

There are many factors that can affect how fast your turkey cooks including your oven, pan, and preparation. One way to know if your turkey is cooked is to take the temperature of the bird in the thickest part of the thigh without touching the bone. The meat thermometer should read 170 F.

Merry Christmas!

How we raise our Christmas Turkeys

All our turkeys, are certified organic, certified humane and are an heirloom breed called an Orlopp Bronze.

We receive our turkey chicks when they are less than 12 hours old straight from the hatchery. The first food and water that they receive is at our farm. They are placed in nice warm clean barns that have lots of water, feed, clean shavings and natural light.  They are given lots of room to grow, move and run around.img_1275-2

The feed that they receive throughout their life is Certified Organic and made from certified organic grains, organic legumes and organic minerals and vitamins. Certified organic feed means that all of the ingredients of the feed are certified organic, non GMO and have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. No animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, arsenic, or heavy metals are added to the feed.

Our Christmas turkeys are raised indoors in barns to ensure that they are protected from the cold Alberta winters. The barns have lots of windows to allow the natural light in and they are given lots of room to move around and are not caged or crowded. They are also kept clean and dry by using lots of wood shavings. Alfalfa pellets in their feed ensures that they get their greens daily. We follow the BCSPCA farm animal welfare guidelines and are inspected by them annually.

When they are big enough the birds are processed in our own government inspected poultry processing facility located right on the farm.

If you are interested in ordering a Christmas turkey there are two ways you can do so:

You can call Shae at the farm office 1-877-393-3133. If she is busy on another call or not in the office, please leave a message and she will call you back as soon as she can.

You can also place an order for your turkey at one of our market locations: Our stall at the Market on Macleod in Calgary; Our Meat Shop on Whyte Ave in Edmonton; and our stall at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton.

When you order, we take a $10 deposit per turkey, this reserves you a turkey but not a specific size. If you would like a specific size, we recommend that you arrive at your pickup location early in order to have the best selection of sizes available.

This years turkey pickup dates and locations are:

EARLY BIRD TURKEYS (order deadline is Dec 12 at noon):

Market on Macleod in Calgary on Dec 15th. 9am-5pm

Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton on Dec17th. 8am-1pm

MAIN TURKEY PICKUP (order deadline is Dec 20th at noon):

Strathcona Farmers Market Pickup Day will be Dec 24th from 7:30am-1pm

Our Meat Shop on Whyte (located in the Blush Lane Store) Pickup Day will be Dec 24th from 8am-6pm

Market on Macleod Pickup Day will be Dec 23rd from 9am to 5pm

Camrose turkey delivery / pickup day will be Dec 22nd from 6pm to 8pm.

New Camrose Location Opens Nov 18th!

Starting Nov 18th our meat will now be available 6 days a week at Vinesations Olive Oil and Vinegar in Downtown Camrose!

Vinesation’s is located at 4937 50 St in historic downtown Camrose. They are open Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm and Saturday:10am-5pm.

Our old location will no longer be in operation. If you have any questions, please call the farm office at 780-672-9799 or toll free 1-877-393-3133.

Organic Box will be contacting all their customers to let them know about new pickup arrangements for the Organic Boxes.

We would like to thank our Camrose customers for being patient with us as we have worked to find the best way for us to serve you in Camrose.


Ron and Sheila