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Organic Meat in Red Deer

Sunworks Farm products are now available in Red Deer.  Purearth Organics located at #110 5589, 47St Street in Red Deer( just west of Carnival Cinemas)  is carrying our products at the same prices that we charge at the farmers market. We are so pleased that Rebekah McDonald from Purearth Organics is able to make our meat available to people in Red Deer who want Certified Organic, Certified Humane and Certified Local meats. The staff and Co-op members are raving about our certified organic chicken sausages which we make with no additives, wheat (gluten free) or preservatives (MSG, nitrates, nitrites, sodium erythrobate, potassium sorbate or any of the thousands of chemicals that they put in our food) . They are just 95% organic meat and 5% organic spices. We use only organic spices so that we can make a truly preservative free product.   We are currently supplying our certified organic chicken (wholes, pieces and sausages) and our certified organic, 100% grass fed beef at this time to Purearth Organics in Red Deer.   Please contact Rebekah at or phone 403-347-1615 in Red Deer to order some of the best organic meat in the world.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to let you know that we have moved to #110 5589, 47 St. Still west of Carnival Cinemas, so your description on your website is still accurate. I did notice that you have Rebekah’s name as ‘MacDonald’ (should be McDonald) and Pure Earth should be Purearth. Could you also take her personal cell off and put the shop number on 403-347-1615.


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