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Our Values

Our Values

We are a small family farm that are driven by our values and we strive to base every decision on our belief that animals and the earth need to be treated with respect. This often includes not doing things the easy way or the fast way. It means looking to our agricultural past to see what knowledge they can pass on and it also means looking to the future to see what new organic and harmonious agricultural practices can help us maintain our values.

We are proud to say that:

  • We believe that we are stewards of the land and that we should leave it in a better state than when we got it. We do our best to work with Mother Nature and not against it.
  • We believe that our children and grandchildren have a right to be raised in a healthy environment.
  • We believe that animals should be treated kindly, humanely, and ethically, and have access to fresh air, clean water and sunshine.
  • We believe that a healthy environment and low stress, grows healthy animals, which reduces disease and the need for medications.
  • We want to grow good, healthy food for our customers.
  • We are proud of our beliefs and want our customers to know that every product that we sell has been raised according to these core values.

Ron and Sheila Hamilton

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