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Humanely Raised, Certified Organic, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork and Eggs

Verified and Tested Organic Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Bison produced in Alberta

Organic remains the most regulated and scrutinized farm to table food system in the world.

                A common question we get asked is “what is Organic”. Because we generally don’t have a lot of time at the farmers market to get into every detail, we respond that in organic livestock production we don’t use antibiotics, animal by-products(swine meal, feather meal or offal products) or growth promotants. Our organic feed doesn’t have herbicides, pesticides, isn’t genetically modified and is not grown with petroleum based fertilizers. We are third party audited minimum once a year with spot audits. I also show everyone my up to date organic certificate. The Canadian Government has legislation that defines the Organic program in Canada with the CFIA being responsible to manage the Canadian Organic regime.   

                There are also other facets to the Organic regulations and standards such as livestock living conditions, traceability and land stewardship and some of them are spelled out in great detail. Search for the Canadian Organic Standards if you want to read the regulations and standards that we certified to. Everyone certified Organic producer in Canada is certified to these standards and their isn’t a certifying body that is any better or worse.  Look for the organic certifying symbol on every  product that you purchase.

                Some people claim that the organic system is being diluted and compromised by major corporations. In Canada we have a very small organic community that works very hard to uphold and strengthen the organic standard. I sit on the organic poultry task force with numerous other organic poultry producers from across Canada and I see that the standards for organic poultry production isn`t being compromised but being moved to a higher level. You can trust the organic system in Canada because it is one of the best in world.

Thanks – Ron

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