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100% Grass Fed Beef

At Sunworks Farm sales venues you will see the phrase “100% Grass Fed” on our beef packages.

Our cattle never receive any grain or grain byproducts at any time during their life. In the summer months we time control graze our certified organic beef animals on our certified organic pastures. This means that we portion out the pasture and allow the cattle to graze that portion for a specific amount of time. We move our animals up to 2 times a day so we don’t over graze the land and to give the cattle plenty to eat for the day. We monitor the condition of the grass and of the land so that the cattle and the land benefit each other. The cattle always have enough quality grass to eat and the land is never overgrazed and overly compacted. We mimic how the buffalo would eat all the grass in an area and then move on, yet leave enough height to encourage regrowth of the plants.

During the winter months the cattle receive high quality certified organic hay and certified organic alfalfa pellets. We feed certified organic alfalfa pellets in addition to the hay to help give them extra energy to keep warm. Alfalfa pellets are alfalfa grass that is harvested at its peak nutritional value, dried and then crushed and formed into pellets. By purchasing certified organic hay and alfalfa pellets we know that the land that was used for their production is certified organic and has not been sprayed with herbicides and insecticides and that Round Up wasn’t used when hay fields were rejuvenated.

Grass fed beef is a healthier meat. Numerous studies have shown that grass fed beef has higher levels of vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutin, omega 3 and CLA. It is also healthier for the cattle as it is their natural diet. When cattle are fed grain it triggers negative changes to the acidity in their digestive tract. This causes sickness and increased stress on the animals. By feeding the cattle their natural diet of grass they have a healthy, happy digestive tract and their bodies are not stressed. We want our beef cattle to live healthy, happy lives and we believe that a 100% grass diet is the best way for us to achieve that goal.

Grass fed beef is healthier for the cattle, the environment and us.

For more information on the benefits of grass fed beef and animals visit Joe Robinsons website


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