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Suggestions For A New Flavour of Sausage

We would like to make a new flavor of sausage over the next year and are looking for feedback from our customers as to what flavors you would like us to investigate. Hot and spicy, mild, savory, smoky or sweet?  Or do you have a specific kind of sausage in mind. We are open to all suggestions. Like all of our current sausages and deli, any new sausages will be made using only our own certified organic meat and certified organic ingredients and will not contain any wheat/gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, MSG, GMO’s or chemical preservatives. We will not be able to make all the flavors that are suggested but will take all flavors under consideration. In order to keep all the suggestions in one place please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment on the post. If you do not have Facebook you can make your suggestions via our price list request page.  Thanks for your help!

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