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BCSPCA Certified

Yesterday we received our BCSPCA humane certificate in the mail. We have been certified by the BCSPCA since 2005 and are committed to raising our animals in a humane, respectful and dignified manner. By being SPCA certified we are inviting the BCSPCA, a third-party auditor, to come out to our farm every year. During this audit, they inspect our animals and their environment to ensure their living conditions meet or exceed the BCSPCA standard. By being BCSPCA certified, you as a consumer know the high standard we are following and can have the confidence that our animals are raised humanely. We feel that this is an important partnership that works together for the good of the animals.

Our chickens are certified organic and certified humane through the BCSPCA. We receive our chicks when they are only hours old and are placed in a warm barn that has lots of fresh natural wood shavings on the floor to keep them clean and dry. They are provided with uncrowded access to clean water and certified organic feed. They are given lots of room to move around and express their natural behaviors. All of our barns have lots of windows to let in the natural light. In the spring, summer and early fall the birds will stay in the barn until they are feathered out enough to go outside. Once outside they are placed in movable shelters that are moved everyday onto fresh grass. They are provided with fresh clean water and certified organic feed.

In the late fall, winter and early spring the birds will stay in the warm barn, so that they are protected from Alberta’s cold and unpredictable winter weather. We make sure that the birds raised in the barns in the winter are not crowded and have lots of room to move around. These birds are also certified humanely raised by the BCSPCA

When our chickens are ready to be processed they are gently loaded into crates. We do not put as many chickens into the crates as the manufacturer recommends and have decided to use more crates to prevent the birds from becoming too crowded.  We do not hire any contractors to load our birds. They are loaded by our own staff and supervised by us. Once they are placed into the crates, they are taken on a trailer to our on-farm processing plant, which is a very short trip across the farm yard and then placed in a climate controlled room overnight to protect them from the elements.  First thing in the morning they are processed in our own processing plant.

If you would like to see how we raise our birds, please come out to our annual Family Farm Day on Labor Day Monday in September. The day starts with a BBQ lunch provided by us, followed by a question and answer session and a tour of the farm. Here you will get to see both our winter and summer production. You will get to meet your farmers, ask them questions and see how we raise our chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, laying hens and cattle. This year it will be on Sept 4 and we will begin taking registrations at the beginning of August.

We raise happy, healthy animals. We are proud to say we are BCSPCA Certified Humane and Certified Organic.

Your Farmers

Ron, Sheila and Isaac

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