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Certified Organic and Certified Humane

At Sunworks Farm sales venues you will see many phrases.  Certified Organic, Humanely raised and Certified Humane are just two of them. They are listed on our label, our website and are often on posters around the farmers market and stores. However we often do not have time to explain what they mean and their importance to us.

Certified Organic: We are certified organic under the Canadian organic standards through Eco-Cert. This means that we are inspected annually by an independent third party inspector. This is a comprehensive standard that is enforceable and includes environmental management, animal husbandry, and production methods. For us this is extremely important as it means that our land, our animals and any feed that the animals eat are certified organic. This means that there were no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fungicides applied to the land, the animals or the feed that the animals eats. It means that GMO seeds are not used and that our animals are not being fed any GMO products. There are also no antibiotics, or growth hormones allowed in organic production. Our on-farm feed mill is audited and tested by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) on a regular basis and they test for animal by-products, herbicide/pesticide residue and antibiotics in the feed that we give our animals

We are proud to say that we are not “natural” and that we are Certified Organic. The word “Natural” in Canada is not a regulated term which means there are no audits or inspections on “Natural” ranches or farms. Remember that “Natural” means nothing and it is only a catchphrase to sell a product. The only word that has a comprehensive standard that is regulated by the federal government is “Organic.”  “Natural”, “Beyond Organic” and “Naturally Raised” are never audited, tested or inspected.

Humanely Raised/Certified Humane: We are inspected several times per year by the BCSPCA. They ensure that we are meeting their standard for the care of all of the animals on our farm. They have the highest animal welfare standards in Canada. We believe that all animals should be treated with respect from birth through death. We want our animals to lead happy and healthy lives, free from stress, hunger, thirst, and pain. The BCSPCA is your assurance that we are meeting a minimum requirement of animal welfare.

These are some of the actions we take to help us provide you with the cleanest food that has been raised with respect. Respect for the animals, the environment and human health.


Ron and Sheila Hamilton

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