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The Chickens are Now Outside!

Chickens May 2017The first chickens have been moved outside to the chicken shelters! Throughout the spring, summer and fall our chickens, laying hens, turkeys, ducks and geese are raised outside in movable chicken shelters that are moved every day onto fresh grass. Due to our cold wet spring the chickens were placed outside a few weeks later than last year. We closely monitor the weather in the spring and fall in order to know when is the best time to move the birds outside. The welfare and comfort of the birds is our top priority.

As soon as the spring weather is warm enough and the pasture is dry enough, the chickens are moved out to the moveable outdoor shelters. Throughout the warm seasons the chickens will be moved outside at around 4 weeks of age. At this age they are old enough and have enough feathers to keep them warm and dry during any cooler days and nights. These moveable shelters with their attached ranges are moved onto fresh grass daily. This allows them to eat the grass, hunt for bugs and worms and exhibit natural behaviors like scratching and dust bathing.

When the weather gets cold again at the end of September the birds are raised inside where they can stay safe and warm from the cold and unpredictable Alberta winters.

The BCSPCA monitors the living conditions throughout their life and inspects us annually to ensure that the birds and all animals are being raised humanely.

We feel that when the weather is warm enough the birds should have access to fresh pasture daily. We have been raising chickens outside for over 20 years and are committed to growing all of our animals organically and humanely and treating the land with respect.

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