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Connecting To Your Farmer

Connecting people to the source of their food is important as there is a great and growing divide between the consumer and the farmer and this is why we hold our family farm day every year. It is an opportunity for our customers to come and see where and how their food is raised.

Our annual farm day is on Labour Day Monday, and it is always the best day of the year for Sheila, Isaac and me. There is a lot of planning and work to put on the event, but we have great help.  This year we had over 740 people register for the day, and we had a full house even though the weather was cool. We used one of our chicken barns that we don’t use in the summer to host the band and the meal and the BBQ chicken wings filled the barn with a beautiful smell and the Strawflowers performance kept the room filled with beautiful sounds. Throughout the day it did not rain but as the last guest left the yard the rain started.

We are passionate about how we care for our animals and our farm day guests can see all of our farm. Transparency is one of our goals, so this day is very important to show our customers how we raise our animals and that we actually raise animals, we don’t buy in products and resell them.  Free Range has many definitions and we want to show everyone our version of free range. In the spring summer and fall our turkeys, chickens and laying hens are raised in our moveable chicken shelters that we move ahead everyday onto fresh green grass. Our farm day participants saw that there is green grass between the toes of our chickens, turkeys and layers. We also show everyone how we raise our animals both in the winter and the summer because summer and winter production is different. In the winter the birds are given lots of room to move around inside warm barns that have windows in them to let in the winter sunshine.

Our grass-fed beef is always a highlight, with our friendly cows coming over to greet the guests. We show everyone how we graze our beef, using time-controlled grazing practices. We talk about how we use beef animals to improve the land and grow our topsoil which is one of our goals.

We finish our visit of the farm with a tour of the on-farm processing facility. We talked about how the processing facility is an integral part of keeping our food pure and clean.

Farm day goes by as a whirl with hundreds of great questions and conversations about our practices and production methods. By the end of the day we are elated to be able to have shown and educated people on how we farm organically and humanely and connect them directly to the source of their food. Thanks again for all who came out. Please come and see us at a market or at our stores to continue the conversations.

Thanks Ron

Your Farmer

Thanks to Sarah for the great photos!