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Family Farm Day 2017

Family Farm Day 2017

Thank you to everyone who registered for our family farm day. We are no longer taking registrations so that we have time to prepare the food.

 If you have any questions please message us on Facebook, email us at [email protected], or call us at 1-877-393-3133.

Ron, Sheila and Isaac would like to invite you to our 16th annual Family Farm Day on September 4, 2017. This is our opportunity to show you how we raise our certified organic and BC SPCA certified humane chickens, beef cattle, turkeys, geese and laying hens. The day will start at around 1pm with a BBQ lunch provided by us, followed by a question and answer session and a tour of the farm.

There is no charge to attend. The registration deadline is on August 31, at 5:00pm. Registrations cannot be taken after this time as we need time to prepare the food. This year you can register online through our website.

It is always a great day, rain or shine and we hope that you will be able to come and see how your food is raised.

Thanks Ron, Sheila and Isaac
Farmers/Owners of Sunworks Farm

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