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Family Farm Day – September 6, 2010

Sunworks Farm DayPlease join us for our Family Farm Day on September 6, 2010.  Join like minded families in sharing a meal (we provide the meat) and seeing how we raise your organic chickens.  Maps available giving directions from Edmonton or Calgary.  Transportation by coach available from Calgary (charge of our cost for the bus only) for those who don’t want to drive.  Contact us for more details, to register and receive a map to the farm.  We would love to see you here and show you around the farm!  Ron and Sheila (your farmers)

8 thoughts on “Family Farm Day – September 6, 2010

  1. Please register me for the family farm day Sept.6.I would like to take the bus so could you please let me know the cost and how to get payment to you. Thanks

  2. this is the frist year that i have not had to work for this event. We would love to visit you and your family for a meal and a tour of where we buy our meat and eggs. Debbie

  3. We would love to come visit your farm on Sept 6th! We will be coming with our 2 children. I would love a map and some details (time to be there, what to bring etc.)
    Looking forward to it! Thank you!

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