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Food and Family

For us food is about family. We moved to the farm in 1992 so that we could improve our daughter Erin’s health. We raised our first chickens 21 years ago so that we could know what we were eating and take control of our food. We developed our first sausages so that our family could eat without getting sick. This desire to feed our family with good quality organic and respectfully raised food then grew into a business so that we could bring Ron home from working away and have more time together as a family. In our family’s story, food plays a central roll.

We raise clean healthy food that we provide to our now grown children and our grandchildren. We know that we are supplying them with the cleanest, healthiest meat that was raised with respect. Respect for both the animals that are providing their nutrition and the environment that our grandchildren will inherit.

Respect for our product all the way through includes respecting the animals, the meat, the finished product and the consumer.

Respect for the animals starts with being Certified Organic and BCSPCA Humane certified. Certified Organic ensures that the animals are fed a diet free of GMO’s, pesticides and herbicides, antibiotics and growth hormones. It means that we allow them to grow at their own pace and do not use artificial methods to increase their growth. It means working with mother nature and not against her. BCSPCA means that our animals have been raised to a high standard that looks at their health and wellbeing. It means working with a partner that helps us be the best farmers that we can be.

Respect for the meat means that we try and do things the slow way by hand. Our poultry is processed here on the farm in our own processing facility. Our beef and pork and processed at a very small family owned facility that is only 45 min away. All our meat is cut on the farm by hand with trained meat cutters. It means not irradiating it, or pumping it full of water, seasoning and fillers but letting the meat speak for itself. It means only using our own high quality meat in our sausages and only quality certified organic spices, maple syrup and honey. It means doing our best not to waste any part of an animal and what cannot be consumed is composted, so that it can be put back into the land.

Respect for the finished product means that we want to price it fairly. This means pricing our product so that we can provide for our family, our employees and also price it so that as many people as possible can afford it.

Respect for the consumer means that we want you to be able to contact us. That we are honest with you when you ask questions and that we are willing to open our farm to your inspection. Its building a community that is centered around food and the benefits that it can have on people and the environment.

We are proud to produce the highest quality meats and sausages. We are humbled and proud to feed our own family our healthy meats and sausages and honored to help feed your family.

Thank you

Ron and Sheila Hamilton

Your Farmers.


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