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Humanely Raised, Certified Organic, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork and Eggs

Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly, Preservative Free Sausages and Deli Meats

We are often asked how we got started making sausages, deli meats and bacon the way we do without artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or colours, and without fillers. This started because we believe in the importance of eating pure food for our health and for the environment.

When our youngest daughter Erin was little she had severe food allergies to chemical preservatives and many of the fillers that are used in processed meats such as wheat and dairy. We were constantly searching for food that was clean and it was not easy to find this type of meat. As we discovered that other members of our family were celiac and also allergic to more and more foods this search became much more difficult. When we moved to the farm and started producing our own meat we began to make sausages, bacon, hams and deli meats that we could eat. This was a simple recipe, our certified organic meat, certified organic spices, salt and certified organic honey or maple syrup. We found that these simple ingredients made the best sausage and knowing that we could finally eat the sausage without fearing a reaction was a wonderful relief.

As we began to sell our sausages we found that more and more people were looking for pure food. They did not want to have to get out the dictionary in order to read the ingredient list on the food that they were buying. Clean, simple but great tasting food was what we and our customers wanted to eat.

We make all of our sausages in our own butcher shop. No preservatives are used. We do not use, Sodium Erythrobate, Polysorbate 80, Cultured Celery Salt, Sulfites, sulfates, Nitrites, Nitrates or MSG. All the spices that are used are certified organic, gluten free and are mixed on site. No prepackaged spice mixes are used. It is important that we use certified organic spices in our products. By using certified organic spices it means that they contain no herbicide or pesticide residues, no preservatives, no chemical anti caking agents and are not irradiated. No nuts are used and no nuts are allowed in our sausage making facility.

We naturally smoke all of our smoked products; no artificial or liquid smoke is used. This results in a beautiful delicate smoke flavor. All of our products are gluten free. We do not use any fillers or binders, including potato flakes, bread crumbs, dairy products, hydrolyzed plant protein, soy isolates, rice isolates, pea protein, or any of the other fillers found in industrialized food.

We started out wanting to make clean healthy food that our children could eat and we continue so that we can provide our grandchildren and our customers with the same clean healthy food.


Sheila, Ron

The picture is of Ron and Sheila’s Granddaughter making a sandwich from our deli meats.