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July Farm Update

For those of you who have to come to love our pork products, we have some good news and some bad news.  Isaac is  bringing up  a new herd for later in August, however in the meantime we are going to be short on pork products.

Sausage production is picking up and we will feature our full range of certified organic chicken sausages this weekend at all markets although quantities remain limited and we urge you to come out early.

We will also be offering  bulk  specials on chicken breast – both on frozen and fresh.  Ask any of the staff for details and see you at the market!

4 thoughts on “July Farm Update

  1. We buy all our chicken from your Strathcona Market and are looking forward to purchasing pork as well.

    We just wanted to say how much we appreciate your new web site and wondered, is there a way to pre order before the weekend to assure our order?


    Our e-mail is
    [email protected]

    1. Thanks for your support. We don’t currently put orders together unless they are very large or our customers are coming form a distance. We aren’t set up at the farm to handle many orders yet and don’t have alot of stock in the freezer to put into orders. Our plan is that within a couple of months we will have “freezer packs” available for odering. These will offer a variety of choices in boxed frozen meats. When these are available we will have them posted on the website. Thanks Sheila

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