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Looking Ahead to 2015

With 2014 winding down we are looking forward to 2015. We have many projects ahead of us in this New Year, but the biggest and most significant will be the opening of our certified organic and certified humane poultry processing facility in late January/early February. We had planned to open the beginning of October, 2014, however construction, contractor and equipment delays have kept pushing back the opening date. We are now waiting for the last few items to be installed and then we will be up and running. It has been exciting to watch the building grow over the last year and to see our dream fast becoming a reality is truly amazing. We are now looking at furnishing the offices and getting the appliances for the employee lunch room, so we know that we are reaching the finish line.  Years of research and planning have gone into the building of this plant and it will be a wonderful feeling when the first lot of chickens is processed in our new humane facility.

In March the Department of Agriculture for the Province of Nova Scotia has asked us to be the main presenters at a conference on organic and humane poultry production and direct marketing. We are looking forward to this as a way to both share our knowledge but also be rejuvenated by the change of pace and the questions that producers have. We are expecting to learn from their experiences and their questions as well.

Our first email newsletter was sent out in November and we are happy that this monthly newsletter continues to grow. Our daughter Shae is continuing to help us with the social media, website and the newsletter.

This year one of the projects that we will be looking at is trying to simplify the office work, orders, turkey orders and farm field day registration in order to reduce the work load on our office staff.  During the peak turkey time and farm field day registration time we will receive hundreds of calls and emails from customers each day. We are looking at ways of making this a less hectic time for our staff and a smoother process for you.

In the spring we will start raising a heritage breed of broilers that will be on our market/store shelves in the beginning of June. These birds will be a cross between two red feathered heritage breeds and will be much better suited to the outdoor summer and indoor spacious winter environment that we are raising our birds in. Our hatchery is working with a local brooder breeder to supply us with these chicks. The brooder breeder is starting with a small dedicated breeder flock and he will grow with us to meet our needs.

Raising chickens year round means that there is never really a slow time of year. We are hoping, once the processing plant is up and running, to be able to take our first holiday in many years.

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments that you post on Facebook, send us through email and tell us at the market. We appreciate every one of them even if we don’t have time to say thank you to each one of you individually. You are all a constant source of motivation to continue to do what we do.

We are grateful for all our friends and customers and feel honored that you have chosen us to produce the meat that you feed your family.

Happy New Year.

Ron and Sheila Hamilton

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