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Non-GMO verified is good, but organic is better.

Non-GMO verified is good, but organic is better.

Both of these certifications give you the assurance that the products that you are buying do not contain GMO’s. However that is their only similarity when it comes to the production of the products.

Non GMO products have a very limited scope and mandate. They are only concerned with identifying GMO’s. It does not have any impact on how a crop is grown or an animal raised. Crops with this label most likely will still be sprayed with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The land will also still have chemical and petroleum based fertilizers applied to it. Animals can still be raised in a confined feeding operation identical to other conventionally raised meat. Processed products can still have artificial flavors and colours.

Organic certification prohibits the use of GMO’s but also has a broad mandate that covers many different aspects of food production. They are grown without the application of chemical herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Instead of chemical fertilizers, natural fertilizers such as manure and cover crops are used to improve yields. Animals welfare is addressed including space requirements that give animals room to move. Access to the outdoors, is also required when the animals are old enough and the weather is warm enough for that specific animal. There are requirements for living conditions, water management, manure management, crop rotation and wildlife protection. Many chemicals including artificial flavors and colours are prohibited from being used in finished/processed products.

Non-GMO Verified products are a step in the right direction but Organic is a more holistic approach to agriculture.

We are proud to grow, eat and provide you with our certified organic meats, deli meats and sausages. Clean, healthy food.

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