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Humanely Raised, Certified Organic, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork and Eggs

How we process our Beef, Lamb and Pork.

When we meet you at one of our farmers markets or at our organic store in the Roots on Whyte building we will give you a sample and quickly tell you about our products and how we raise our animals but often we don’t have the time to tell you how we process our beef, pork, lamb and bison.

Our goal is to make the cleanest, purest and healthiest food so we opened our own butcher/sausage shop in Camrose in 2010. All our bison, beef, pork and lamb are killed at Tofield Packers, a small family owned and operated facility. They go through an organic inspection and are certified under Sunworks Organic Certificate.  Dale from Tofield Packers is very trustworthy and conscientious and he understands and respects our desire for all the animals to be treated humanely. The animals are killed by hand one at a time in a low stress environment. The facility is quiet and the animals are not reluctant to leave the trailer when we deliver them to Tofield the night before. We take all our animals to Tofield Packers and personally pick up our meat by the quarters or halves and they are transported to our butcher shop on our refrigerated 5 ton truck.

Carlos our butcher shop manager/head butcher/sausage maker and the rest of the staff work diligently to keep our food products safe and we are inspected by Alberta Health on an ongoing basis. All the inspections that we have are unannounced. We designed the building in consultation with the health inspector to process meat, so all the flows are right and the materials used in the construction make it easy to keep clean. The shop is kept spotless all the time.  Carlos spent a couple months before the shop was open to set up protocols for the processing and cleaning. Carlos also spent many years in the meat business after getting his meat processing degree from Olds College and has a passion to make clean, great tasting food. We have a great team at the shop with many years of experience in butchering, food preparation and processing.

We don`t process our meat on an assembly line with hundreds of workers only doing one job all day long. This is artisanal meat cutting and sausage making, using knowledge that has been handed down for centuries. The team cuts and packages the animal from nose to tail. Some of the products we produce are oxtail, pig tail, beef shanks, tongue, heart, liver, pork hocks and all the products in-between. We sell soup bones and all of the other bones are used as dog bones. We cut smaller packages of meat because we know that people don`t want to have as much meat in their diet and also families are smaller. When a third party cuts meat they are paid on the weight of the animal so they will cut very large portions because it`s a lot quicker. We care about the quality of the meat and the cuts and how they are presented. We raise our animals with care and so we believe that this should also carry on to the meat cutting. We feel that the animal has to have respect in the whole process, from start to finish.

When our butcher shop was built it took our whole farm and business to a much higher level. We have upmost confidence that all the products that we make are the best tasting, healthiest products in the world!

Thanks Ron

Ron Hamilton

Farmer/Owner Sunworks Farm

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