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Website Specials

Website Specials

See what products we currently have on special, all of our pickup locations, dates and how to order them.

Our website specials are made up of extra frozen product that we currently have available. For this reason we have limited amounts of each box available and the website specials can change frequently. If you do not see the item that you are looking for please check back often to see what new specials we have added to the website. 

To Order Please Call 1-877-393-3133


  • We currently have no beef steaks as part of our website specials
    Roasts and Ribs
  • We currently have no beef roasts or ribs as part of our website specials
    Ground and Stew
  • Ground Beef Box - 8 packages per box. regular price around $75 on sale for $60. 
  • Beef Shank Box - 7 and 8 packages per box. 20%off. (two boxes left)


  • Pork Stirfry Box - 6 to 8 packages per box. 20%off (three boxes left)
  • Ground Pork Box -8-9 packages per box. 20%off 
  • Pork Spare Ribs Box- 6 packages per box. 20%off. (one boxes left)
  • Pork Loin Chops Box- 7 packages per box. 20%off. (one boxes left)


  • Chicken Wings Box- 8 packages per box. 20%off. (two boxes left)
  • Chicken Hearts Box- 12 packages per box. 20%off. (one box left)
  • Ground Chicken Box- 6 packages per box. 20%off. (one box left)


  • We currently have no website specials on deli or sausages. Please check back soon to see if we have any new specials available.

Order pickup locations:

Calgary- Market on Macleod

Edmonton- Old Strathcona Farmers Market

Edmonton- Sunworks Organic Meat Shop in the Roots Community Building


Edmonton- The South West Edmonton Farmers Market. May to Thanksgiving Only

St. Albert - The St. Albert Farmers Market. June to Thanksgiving Only


Order Deadlines:  

All orders must be placed by noon on Thursday for pickup the following week.

For Example: To pick up on the weekend of May 12. Please order by noon on Thursday, May 3.


To order call the farm office at 1-877-393-3133

All specials are frozen and sold on a first come first serve basis. Limited quantities are available.